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Dr. Nilsson

May 26, 2015 by Cedar Joiner

I had a great experience when I went to the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute.
I had an accident and broke my toe and they were able to get me into the clinic the same day to see Dr. Nilsson. As soon as I arrived, they took me back to get x-rays on my foot and then they took me back to a room to see Dr. Nilsson. Dr. Nilsson was great. He immediately knew what was wrong after reviewing my x-rays and what type of treatment I would need. He showed me the x-rays, gave me some options and then scheduled a follow-up appointment. I was very pleased Dr. Nilsson.
I would recommend Dr. Nilsson to all of my friends. He is an excellent doctor and the service at the clinic was outstanding.
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Jan 07, 2015 by Linda Reyna

Dr. Friedland gave me my life back. I could barely walk and had already had previous spinal surgery in which my first surgeon was not willing to help me after the pain returned and I got worse. I truly thought I would end up in a wheel chair for life and go be paralyzed. I cannot believe Dr. Friedland was able to help me~!I am just sad he is not with the group anymore.
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Dr Cyr

Sep 04, 2014 by Randi Fass

Dr Cyr did my lower spine fusion when he was still the Chief of Spinal Surgery of the USAF. When my neck fusion failed - done earlier by a surgeon in California - I tried to find someone to correct it. At that time Dr Cyr was in private practice but not yet in my network. Five San Antonio surgeons refused to "touch someone else's mistake". Dr Cyr said he would fix me and he did. My insurance finally agreed to pay him and his work set me free! My neck is perfect despite his having to fuse twice as much to repair the damage caused by an incorrect procedure. In 2008, he was a humble, God-fearing, talented surgeon. He is the same and more so now. He and his staff cared about every aspect of my care.
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Dr. Liu and Dr. Cyr

Apr 12, 2014 by Pat Phelix

I was in denial of my neck needing surgical intervention and very fearful. Dr. Liu was patient, understanding and caring. Explained my condition clearly and answered all my questions, also provided emotional support during the process. Dr. Liu and Dr. Cyr are not only gifted and exceptional surgeons in their field of expertise but they are compassionate and really care about their patients as a person. It is a comforting feeling to know I am in competent hands. My fear has been lifted.
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Professional Staff

Mar 25, 2014 by Matthew R.

There were so many nice & professionals staff members at the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute! Thanks for the outstanding care!
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Excellent Care

Mar 25, 2014 by Kyle M.

The care that I have received from the staff and doctors at the Ortho and Spine Institute has been excellent! Dr. Nilsson did an excellent job.
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Mar 18, 2014 by Sabine H.

Best care I have experienced in many years. Very compassionate and professional. Make me feel that my concerns matter and I am always treated like a very important person. Hats off to a great team!
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Angels Among Us

Mar 11, 2014 by Shirley D.

I come to this office in pain, not able to take care of my daughter the way I wanted or play with her. Working was impossible. They have improved my life so very much. They always treat me with respect and explain my care wonderfully!
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Excellent Care

Mar 05, 2014 by James A.

All of the staff are very professional.
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Best Experience in Pain Management

Feb 27, 2014 by Tammy H.

The first time I saw Dr. Duey I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder. He diagnosed my problem, treated, and solved my pain issues. this was my best experience with pain because not only is the pain gone but the treatment I received from all the staff was excellent. Thank You!
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Best Visit Ever!

Feb 15, 2014 by Charnell G.

I had been seeing another doctor for about a year and no treatment or options were given. First appt with Sharon Ross, Nurse Practitioner was wonderful due to a physical of my problem (never done at other doctor) and options for correction right away! I will always come back!
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Highly Recommend

Feb 11, 2014 by Sylvia R.

I highly recommend OSI. The whole staff are very firendly. All lobby's, waiting rooms, and treatment rooms are very clean. Doctors take their time to explain and care about you. Sometimes Doctors take longer to see you but it's all well worth it.
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Best Doctors in the Area!

Feb 04, 2014 by Lisias D.

I have never met a doctor like Dr. Cyr. He is truly a doctor that take time with his patients and goes into detail of what needs to get done! But before you see him I had the ultimate pleasure of dealing with his P.A. Sharon Ross she is also great and both with a heart of gold!
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Jan 28, 2014 by Luis S.

We are so happy we choose Martin Yamzon. He addressed all our concerns. He's so gracious and kind. We will enjoy seeing him again we will recommend him to everyone. Thank you!
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Jan 23, 2014 by Leisl B.

They are very compassionate and professional. the staff is very nice! Inspite of Dr. Cyrs credentials he does not see anyone w/tricare. the clinic waiting room is amazing, my experience is good enough to want all my medications met at this clinic!
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Jan 21, 2014 by Michelle W.

Dr. Fieldland and his staff have been exceptional. I've been suffering since 2009 and after a long search and many doctors I'm finally on the mend. I used to take so many pain medicines but after my procedures I'm down to 1. The staff here really cares and always are professional no matter how many times I call.
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Very Nice & Professional Staff

Jan 14, 2014 by Matthew R.

I've never met so many nice & professional staff members in one locations! Keep up your medical professional attitude! Best staff by far!
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Friendly and Courteous Service

Jan 12, 2014 by Diana L.

Office staff was most courteous and friendly. I was treated with much patience and in a very professional manner.
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Great Service

Jan 09, 2014 by Laurie S

Excellent Service, Excellent staff, Excellent Doctors, and would definitely recommend this facility to everyone!
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Jan 09, 2014 by Sylvia P.

Great experience from start to finish. Everyone from office staff to doctor were very professional and I would definitely recommend.
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Total Knee Replacement (Wright)

Orthopedic Services and Procedures


  • Total Knee Replacement (Wright)

Total Knee Replacement (Wright)

A total knee replacement replaces your diseased knee joint and eliminates the damaged bearing surfaces that are causing you pain. 

The surgeon will first make an incision along the front of your knee, above the patella (kneecap) to below it. Once open, the patella, which is attached by tendons, is moved so that the underside is exposed. This exposes the joint underneath as well. The knee is then bent to expose the ends of both bones. This allows the surgeon to reach the areas he or she needs during the surgery. 

Removal of any diseased bone
The surgeon will first remove any diseased bone and the portions of bone necessary to accept the knee implant, using special instruments designed for this purpose.

Bones and patella are resurfaced / Implant is inserted
Once reshaped, the ends of the femur and tibia are replaced with metal and plastic. A metal or plastic “tray” is placed on top of the tibia. This piece is generally set on a stem that is inserted into the bone. It will be fixed with either a special type of bone cement or with screws.

A special kind of low-friction polyethylene insert, sized and fitted specifically for your knee, is placed on top of this tray and secured. Next, a highly polished, highly pure implant-grade metal that has also been sized for your knee is placed over the end of the prepared femur and set in place with bone cement. Finally, the underside of the patella (kneecap) is resurfaced and a small plastic piece is placed on the rear side where it will cover the new joint.

After the bones are realigned, the patella is returned to its normal location so that it covers the joint. The surgeon then closes the knee, either with stitches or staples. It is packed with surgical dressings, and small tubes may be inserted to drain any accumulated blood out of the joint.

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