Gaby Martínez-Pachon

Exactly 2 months ago (December 1, 2011) you did surgery on my husband, Hector Pachon, at the Surgery Center downstairs from your office. I’m not sure if you remember us, but I’m Dr. Cyr’s patient (the one who was at UTHSCSA SOM) and my husband is a tall, red-headed Colombian. You repaired his labrum and shaved the calcifications on his AC joint. He was having pain on his right arm when he raised it and had tenderness on that AC joint for over a year. After surgery I took care of my husband and made sure he did all his exercises every day. I know very well that it’s imperative for a patient to do everything the doctor says or else they can jeopardize their full recovery. In addition, I was terrified that my husband and best friend would have problems with chronic pain. I’ve been through that road so many times and the least I want for anyone I care and love is to go through that as well, even if it’sjust a “tiny bit” of that road. Last year I told Hector to make an appointment with you because you are part of OSI and I know Dr. Cyr trusts you. If Dr. Cyr trusts you, that means that not only you are a superb physician ,but you are an incredible and caring doctor. I’m glad we made the right decision.

Yesterday my husband surprised me by giving me the most amazing gift. He raised his arm all the way to the top without complaining of any pain. I’m sure anyone would’ve simply said “That’s great, Hector! I’m glad for you” after seeing this. For me this meant so much more because I was incredibly excited and relieved that he is not going to deal with chronic pain in his arm anymore…at least not anytime soon. I felt happy that, despite having to deal with pain, taking care of him while he was recovering was so worth it. I’m glad that, as opposed to me, he didn’t go through unnecessary treatments, failed surgeries, and debilitating pain by seeing the wrong doctors.

I’m glad you were the first person he saw and that you were the first one who did surgery on him. It’s hard to describe in words what I felt when I saw him smiling while he showed me how he was able to raise his arm. I was speechless and crying of happiness. Pain relief is something that so many people take for granted. Thank you for giving me this amazing gift, Dr. Nilson. I love him so much and this means the world to me. I’m not sure how many lives I’ll need to show my gratitude to Dr. Cyr (for everything he has done for me) and to you, for helping us. THANK YOU!

Gaby Martínez-Pachon

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