Bruno Vera

Dr. Cyr,

In the 74 years of my vigorous life, never did I think that I would have back issues. To my surprise, I started to develop numbness and weakness in my legs. After several visits to my family doctor and misdiagnosis, it was recommended that I see a Back Specialist. My son, Jason referred me to you. What a Blessing!

Upon visiting your office, the care and attention I received from your staff was second to none. After several tests, you came in and patiently explained the issues in my vertebrate (three herniated disks). After explaining all my options, the care and confidence to recommend surgery to replace the disks and perform a spinal fusion as soon as possible was the perfect plan of action to help me.

On March 16, 2017, the day of the surgery, I was extremely nervous but you and your team did a superb job explaining every step of what would be happening to me. This attention helped ease the anxiety my wife and sons were feeling as well. Thanks to God and you, Dr. Cyr for your skilled hands and the exceptional job you did.

I have had two monthly check-ups and feel 95% better (it would be 100% but I am still in recovering and wearing a brace) and looking forward to a full recovery.
Thank You So Very Much to You and Your Team Dr. Cyr! God Bless You.

Bruno Vera

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