Vanessa Bianca Castaneda

In December of 2015 I originally came to doctor Cyr’s office with tears in my eyes. At only 25 years old I felt like my life had hit basically a brick wall. With already two spine surgeries down I felt like my back was just never going to get better. I had a 1 year old who wanted his mom to play with. But the pain was insane. My previous surgeon had basically advised that there was nothing more he could really do and I would kind of just need to deal with the pain. It took a long time for me to agree to see a new surgeon because surgery on the spine is a surgery like no other. I seriously cyber stalked everything I could find on Doctor Cyr till I was confident enough to call and make an appt. and because of that my life has changed for the better.

In Feb 2016 I had pre surgery consult with doctor Cyr and I was just crying. I just wanted my life back. No sleep. So much pain. I was so tired and frustrated most of the time. Doctor Cyr assured me that after this surgery was done it would be a long road to recovery but if follow through it will be well worth it. The day of my 3rd spinal surgery. Doctor Cyr talked about how everything he does is through the man above ( on top of that he’s like the most beautiful man ever) But he’s also explained how every patient he has he performs surgery on he performs like it was his own family….Omg talk about water works….This surgery was EXTREMELY PAINFUL 360 Spinal Fusion. Is no joke. But the recovery was probably one of the most painful yet powerful recoveries I’ve ever had. The care doctor Cyr and his staff had exceeded what I could ever imagine. The nurses who came to clean my wound. To his brother getting me a cheetah print body brace and my bone growth stimulator. To the physical therapy staff. I mean from start to end. The level of genuine care he had for his patients. Is one you don’t see in many doctors. It’s actually quite rare. He Made me and my family feel like I wasn’t just another patient.

Before my surgery Dr. Cyr expressed the importance of being healthy and fit. Keeping the spine strong. He went over the importance of working out. The importance of healthy lifestyle. I knew that going forward I needed to make my life and my health a priority. And little over a year later. And complete clearance from the doctors. Last weekend I completed my first spartan super race, with over 25 obstacle and about 9+ miles in the terrain. I never thought I would be able to do anything like this before my surgery. It was one of those things on your bucket list that you wish to mark but know it will probably never happen. But now I train 6 days a week with my trainer. I’m healthier and more fit than I probably ever have been. And my spine is stronger. And to say I’m happy is an understatement. I’m in love with life again. My now 3 year old has mommy who can keep up with him.

Thank you so much to Dr. Cyr and his entire Staff. To say thank you doesn’t even come close to how much gratitude I have toward all you.
I know this is a LONG review. But it was a long journey. And I’m beyond grateful for all of it.

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