Testimonial: Amy Gagnon

Dr Cyr delivered a miracle with my revision! He spent 14 hours taking out someone else’s botched and broken work (my fusion actually broke and I had 2 screws floating in my back), untangled my spinal nerves that were left in a jumbled mess in my back (couldn’t feel my legs for 5 years and had complete drop foot on my right side), and then did a strong and solid fusion on me that has enabled me to live life again! He also played a huge part in my healing emotionally. He gave me a reason to trust a surgeon again… enough to put my husband in his hands for a spinal fusion. Both of our lives are tremendously improved thanks to Dr. Cyr’s incredible skill, but it’s his compassion and care of his patients that has inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. I hope to one day have as huge of a positive impact on my patients as he has had on me. ~Amy Gagnon

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