Testimonial: David Peoples

My name is David Peoples and I will be 55 years old this September. I’ve participated in many exciting, but brutal sports, including bull riding through high school and college, full contact martial arts and extreme snow skiing. Over a number of years, I sustained numerous and often severe blows to my head and neck area, causing concussions, complete blackouts, shooting heat and pain usually into my left shoulder and arm, temporary paralysis of my left leg and excruciating pain that I lived with for many years. My last accident was a fall while snow skiing in Colorado about 4 years ago. When I fell I landed on the back of my head and neck area. I immediately had shooting pain into my left arm and it felt like it was on fire that lasted 5 days. Also, when I was able to stand up, there was the incident where I could not lift my left leg for about 10 minutes to put it back into my ski.

I met Dr. Steven Cyr several years prior to this last accident, consulted with him regarding my history of injury and had MRI’s taken at his office. While I was still in Colorado recovering from my fall from skiing, I called Steven, I was in severe pain and he told me to come into his office as soon as I returned home. I met with Dr. Cyr when I returned, and he had new MRI’s taken and consulted with me regarding the best solution to repair the many injuries to my upper spine and neck area. The procedure we discussed scared me, however I knew Dr. Cyr was one of the best surgeons in the world and I wanted to be able to continue living a full, healthy, pain free and vigorous lifestyle. This was not something to be taken lightly and I sought a second opinion from another top surgeon and my uncle whom I trusted; Dr. Larry Fontenelle, one of the best Thoracic Surgeons in the U.S. Air Force. Dr. Fontenelle reviewed my MRI’s, researched Dr. Cyr and both concurred with Dr. Cyr’s recommendations and highly recommended him.

About 4 years ago Dr. Steven Cyr performed the spinal surgery. I will always be thankful to Dr. Cyr for the care, consideration and confidence he shared with me as they prepared me for surgery. The procedure performed by Dr. Cyr was the answer to my prayers. Although recovery is difficult and takes time, when I was fully healed, my pain was gone, and I quickly began to get my strength back and live a full and very active lifestyle. I no longer do some of the crazy things in my life, like rodeo and full contact martial arts. However, I don’t have to baby and protect myself at all times, I’m fully recovered and as strong and fit as I was in my twenties. What I enjoy the most physically is many heavy weightlifting workouts each week. Being in my 50’s now, I still bench press over 300lbs and do other heavy exercises like deadlifts, squats and I have not had to scale back after my spinal surgery.

I’m sharing this for others that may have similar injuries, pain or be concerned that they will never be able to fully recover and live not only an active, but full and powerful lifestyle. After 4 years I would not hesitate to have this procedure done again, but given any surgeon in the world, regardless of location or cost, Dr. Steven Cyr would be my only choice. This was the best decision I’ve ever made and the results from the surgery Dr. Steven Cyr performed have truly been a blessing to me and my family.

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