A Message from SASpine’s CEO & Founder

A message from SASpine’s CEO & Founder, LeAnn Cyr: Everyone asks me exactly what SASpine (Surgical Associates in Spine) does. It’s not a traditional medical practice as most people think, but, rather, it manages medical practices…
SASpine (Surgical Associates in Spine) operates as a turn-key medical practice management organization that focuses on helping Spine Specialists manage their practices from A to Z. From marketing, to patient pre-authorization and insurance/hospital credentialing, we handle the administrative burden of the highly regulated healthcare field so that Physicians can focus on delivering quality patient care. Our mid-level providers and management team take on the laborious task of managing the non-medical aspects of the practice in order to bring back the joy of taking care of patients.

🔹Management Services include (but not limited to):
-Billing and collection services -Patient scheduling and reception services
-Physical office and clinic space lease / maintenance -Complete administrative staff -Medical support staff -Recruitment and training of ancillary staff -Marketing and advertising -Credentialing and contracting with insurance carriers -EMR maintenance
-Pre authorizing surgeries -Legal and compliance oversight -Administration support

🔹Professional support includes:
-Physical therapy -Pain management
-Mid-level providers -Neurology
-X-ray technicians -Certified Coders
-Professional Practice Administrators (with compliance training)

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