Testimonial: Bernard Barcena

What a great way to start our week, with this amazing and heartfelt #testimonial from Bernard Barcena‎:

I just want to take the time to thank Dr. Cyr and his staff. I especially want to thank SASpine’s physical therapist Marcus Trejo and his assistant Kristina Guiteau.

I am a patient of Dr. Steven Cyr and had extensive surgeries on my cervical spine and lumbar spine – the quality of my life was affected from my problems with my back – so my back was literally rebuilt.

I first had a cervical spine surgery with another doctor. There was a world complications with that first surgery. Dr Cyr was recommended to me as the premier Orthopedic spine surgeon. I had made an appointment to see him and afterward he had shown me on an MRI with the problems that I was having. Dr. Cyr had shown me that the hardware that was placed in my cervical neck was not placed properly. He then me that the fusion plate that was placed in my cervical spine was not placed properly and was dangerously close to my aortic artery. So he immediately put me in a neck brace and limited my physical activities, there was a fear that the hardware might slip and cut into my artery causing me to bleed out. Dr Cyr then explained to me that he specializes in revision surgeries and that he would be able to fix my problem and help me to get my health back.

The surgery was a success and I was able to heal and be 100% fused, secondly I had a lower lumbar surgery that also wasn’t successful. During this time I was told that I would be able to gain my strength back by going to physical therapy and I am so happy to announce that Marcus Trejo the physical therapist has shown himself to be the consummate professional! His hands-on approach to physical therapy shows that he is truly a therapist and has Healing Hands.

Dr. Cyr’s philosophy is that every patient of his is treated as if it is a family member and that they will do everything possible to make sure that patients succeeds and with rehabilitation, will be able to get their quality of life back. Marcus Trejo’s hands-on therapy is one that has helped me to be rehabilitated after my surgeries. And even though I had some complications in which I was a quadriplegic, I was able to get my movement back to where I was walking with a walker. Marcus then started a more intensive therapy with me, to build up my strength and allowing me to start getting my balance back and be able to walk without a walker! I have been extensively working with Marcus on my physical therapy and would honestly say with all my heart that his professionalism, charismatic attitude, and knowledge of physical therapy and the physical manipulation that he does, has allowed for my nerve endings to heal and become stronger, to finally be able to safely function. Marcus has worked tirelessly with me and has pushed me and encourage me to become stronger and heal-there are no words that I can express of how grateful I am for both Marcus and Kristina’s encouragement and the excitement they show at the progress I’ve made. They both encourage and inspire me and I wish to give a great shout out to both Marcus and Kristina. I want to thank also the staff at SASpine for the work that they do and scheduling my appointments… once again with all my heart I wish to give thanks for all that the SASpine team done with me.

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