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Testimonial: Tamara Frazier

By July 18, 2021 657 Comments

#Testimonial One year ago today I dropped my husband off for a 3 level spinal fusion surgery during COVID. Little did we know that the next 3 months would be the hardest months of his life. Spinal fusion surgery is no joke, but those rough 3 months of healing were worth it. Today he’s 100% back to normal and he’s still pain-free. He is also able to physically do everything he was doing before surgery and then some because of the lack of pain. I am so proud of him. Being still is not something he’s ever liked to do, following doctors’ orders even less. But he did it, and he learned to listen to his body in the process, and for that, I’m proud of him.

Finding the right surgeon is important. Following the surgeon’s order is equally as important. I am so glad we were referred to Dr. Cyr and SASpine. He and his staff have a special place in our hearts. Mary and Krishna are angels. I’ve even referred several friends to SASpine and I will continue to because I believe in Dr. Cyr’s methods. If it can work for Aaron, it can work for anyone. ~Tamara Frazier