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Testimonial: Tamara Frazier

By August 30, 2020 No Comments

With all the COVID precautions I couldn’t be with Aaron during surgery or anytime after. But I happened to call right before surgery and Dr. Cyr was in the room discussing the surgery. He took the time to explain it to me, promised to call me himself afterward, and then prayed with us over FaceTime. After he left Aaron slipped down his mask and gave me a smile. This is why we chose Dr. Cyr. His record speaks for itself, he’s got an amazing bedside manner and he gives all glory to God for his ability as a surgeon. He is not afraid to voice his faith in God. We have never met a more humble surgeon (between all 5 of us we’ve seen quite a few). Aaron is in his room recovering tonight. He’s in quite a bit of pain but that is to be expected. It kills me to not be with him. We are thankful that God directed to Dr. Cyr and #SASpine. His team has moved mountains this past week to get everything ready since surgery was moved up 2 weeks. They are really some awesome people. We have already shared cards for their office and will continue to do so. ~Tamara Frazier

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