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Testimonial: Vincent C. Jones

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“I had to drop by my Surgeon’s Office to get some paperwork completed, and I was able to spend a few minutes fellowshipping with the Man himself, Dr. Steven Cyr, M.D… For those on my TL who are members of #SWTFamily #BOBCATNATION, Dr. Cyr went to Southwest Texas State and played Football from 1989-1992… He graduated in 3 years, and left there to attend Medical School, and on to the Military and the rest of his career took off from there… As an Air Force Flight Surgeon, Instructor at the Pentagon to Flight Surgeons, Professor, Orthopedic Surgeon, Philanthropist, and last but NOT LEAST, a Husband and Father Of 4, the good doctor is a very humble man who wears many hats… He and his wife, Mrs. LeAnn Cyr, @cyrious.mgmt, have dedicated their lives to GOD, and they run their Practice that way… This Brother literally RESTORED MY SPINAL HEALTH, AND HAS ALLOWED ME TO WALK AROUND PAIN-FREE FOR FIRST TIME IN 20 YEARS… PRAISE GOD!!! And, for those of you who struggle with Spinal Health Issues, or Chronic Pain, and are in need of a consultation, go to his page, @surgical.associates.in.spine, or @cyrious.surgical. If you have questions for me, I have NO problem talking with you offline about my own experience. I can’t brag ENOUGH on the happiness that this Brother AND GOD restored to my life through healing!!! LOVE YOU BROTHER!!” ✊🏾💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 ~Vincent C. Jones, Sr. #Testimonial

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