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Aug 20, 2015 by Marco Gutierrez

Why my review now: Recently I have recommended other co-workers to SASPINE therefore I express my experience as follows:
" I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Friedland and Staff, etc. The offices appear new, clean, and they run on time. Dr.Friedland's staff consistently answered all my questions before and after making my appointment. When persons around ones situation don't seem to understand - Dr. Friedland provides a safe, understanding, sympathetic, private practice, and always accompanies his diagnosis and prognostics with a clear and concrete explanation. He is the Doctor that took the time to explain patiently what and why symptoms occurred and his recommendations were not ambiguous. Today I am tackling my situation with understanding by trying to stay at a lower weight, exercise and avoiding certain drastic action. Thanks to Dr. Friedland even though he is not in the team anymore.
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Dr. Cyr

Jul 18, 2015 by Leera Ponce

Words cannot completely describe the admiration, respect and most of all, how grateful I am to Dr. Cyr.

My back and radiating leg pain began in my late 20's after giving birth to my first child. I believed that the pain was normal and ignored it. Life continued and 2 years later, I gave birth to my second child. The pain increased and many days were spent in agony but I refused to admit that there was something wrong always having an excuse for the pain. Finally one day in April last year, after having daily leg pain and numbness and excruciating pain, I woke up and was unable to move my right leg and my back curved and life as I knew it changed.

I went to another Spine surgeon and he stated I had no sciatica, mild back pain, and "a normal spine of a 34 year old" even though my MRI showed disc herniations, bulges, tears, instability etc.

I went through 3 sessions of Epidural Steroid Injections and 3 times a week physical therapy for 2 months. I was worsening to the point where I couldn't walk or sit and my days were spent in tears from the pain with self-doubt that maybe what I felt was just mental.

After all the non-surgical treatments, that doctor bluntly said to me, "it's interesting you still have pain." and prescribed more pain medication and sent me out for a nerve conductor study and EMG.

In tears feeling so offended, I called a friend who is a RN. She highly recommended Dr. Cyr and personally took it upon herself to set an appointment for me because I was unable to compose myself.

My initial appointment was with Ms. Ross and immediately after seeing my MRI, she asked me if I was available to wait to see Dr. Cyr the same day. Of course that was not a problem. Between patients, he made time to see me.

The minute he walked in, he greeting me in the most genuine manner with true compassion. He immediately began explaining what he saw on the MRI and how severe my lumbar spine was. I began describing my symptoms and mentioned the treatments I had plus what the previous doctor had said. Extremely professional he reassured me that it was not the case of my spine being one of a "normal 34 year old." That instant, I wept. For once I didnt feel like I was "crazy". The whole time, his compassion unwavered.

After a discogram, he concurred that I would be requiring an extensive lumbar surgery. He assured me that I would find relief and regain my quality of life. I was fortunate to have my first and only spinal surgery to be performed by Dr. Cyr.

I underwent a PLAF/ALIF from the L2-S1, a multi-fusion that most doctors could not successfully undertake.

Eleven months after this surgery, I have regained the life that I thought I never would see again. I may have made some physical changes to adapt to the restrictions the surgery brought upon, but that alone does not stop me from being able to enjoy my life as a parent and as a person. My pain is controllable and it is one that I can live with now. I am soon returning back to my employment that was generous in giving me an extended leave of absence. None of this would have been possible with the skill and knowledge that came from none other than Dr. Cyr.

Anyone who asks me about my surgery, and ask because of their back pain, I refer to Dr. Cyr. As a doctor, his compassion and faith is rare, and most of all his ability to "fix" the spine is truly a gift from the Lord. My admiration is unwavering and most of all I am forever grateful to Dr. Cyr for giving me my quality of life back and allowing me to be a "normal" 35 year old.

If anyone has doubts about the treatment plan that he recommends, please be patient and have faith that he has your best interest in heart and will make sure that you are given the best treatment you can possibly receive.
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Great communication & careing

Jul 16, 2015 by Jerry Huffman

I had a neck operation (fusion) in Corpus Christi.5 years of excuses why I still have pain. One vist with P A Sharon Ross and she knew what to recomend .. My proceedure is only a week from my initial visit. She took the time to actually talk to me and address all of my concerns. I can't wait to feel normal again. the entire Team was very professional and willing to ensure I was well taken care of. Thanks to all of you!
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Dr. Nilsson

May 26, 2015 by Cedar Joiner

I had a great experience when I went to the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute.
I had an accident and broke my toe and they were able to get me into the clinic the same day to see Dr. Nilsson. As soon as I arrived, they took me back to get x-rays on my foot and then they took me back to a room to see Dr. Nilsson. Dr. Nilsson was great. He immediately knew what was wrong after reviewing my x-rays and what type of treatment I would need. He showed me the x-rays, gave me some options and then scheduled a follow-up appointment. I was very pleased Dr. Nilsson.
I would recommend Dr. Nilsson to all of my friends. He is an excellent doctor and the service at the clinic was outstanding.
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Jan 07, 2015 by Linda Reyna

Dr. Friedland gave me my life back. I could barely walk and had already had previous spinal surgery in which my first surgeon was not willing to help me after the pain returned and I got worse. I truly thought I would end up in a wheel chair for life and go be paralyzed. I cannot believe Dr. Friedland was able to help me~!I am just sad he is not with the group anymore.
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Dr Cyr

Sep 04, 2014 by Randi Fass

Dr Cyr did my lower spine fusion when he was still the Chief of Spinal Surgery of the USAF. When my neck fusion failed - done earlier by a surgeon in California - I tried to find someone to correct it. At that time Dr Cyr was in private practice but not yet in my network. Five San Antonio surgeons refused to "touch someone else's mistake". Dr Cyr said he would fix me and he did. My insurance finally agreed to pay him and his work set me free! My neck is perfect despite his having to fuse twice as much to repair the damage caused by an incorrect procedure. In 2008, he was a humble, God-fearing, talented surgeon. He is the same and more so now. He and his staff cared about every aspect of my care.
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Professional Staff

Mar 25, 2014 by Matthew R.

There were so many nice & professionals staff members at the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute! Thanks for the outstanding care!
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Excellent Care

Mar 25, 2014 by Kyle M.

The care that I have received from the staff and doctors at the Ortho and Spine Institute has been excellent! Dr. Nilsson did an excellent job.
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Mar 18, 2014 by Sabine H.

Best care I have experienced in many years. Very compassionate and professional. Make me feel that my concerns matter and I am always treated like a very important person. Hats off to a great team!
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Angels Among Us

Mar 11, 2014 by Shirley D.

I come to this office in pain, not able to take care of my daughter the way I wanted or play with her. Working was impossible. They have improved my life so very much. They always treat me with respect and explain my care wonderfully!
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Excellent Care

Mar 05, 2014 by James A.

All of the staff are very professional.
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Best Experience in Pain Management

Feb 27, 2014 by Tammy H.

The first time I saw Dr. Duey I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder. He diagnosed my problem, treated, and solved my pain issues. this was my best experience with pain because not only is the pain gone but the treatment I received from all the staff was excellent. Thank You!
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Best Visit Ever!

Feb 15, 2014 by Charnell G.

I had been seeing another doctor for about a year and no treatment or options were given. First appt with Sharon Ross, Nurse Practitioner was wonderful due to a physical of my problem (never done at other doctor) and options for correction right away! I will always come back!
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Highly Recommend

Feb 11, 2014 by Sylvia R.

I highly recommend OSI. The whole staff are very firendly. All lobby's, waiting rooms, and treatment rooms are very clean. Doctors take their time to explain and care about you. Sometimes Doctors take longer to see you but it's all well worth it.
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Best Doctors in the Area!

Feb 04, 2014 by Lisias D.

I have never met a doctor like Dr. Cyr. He is truly a doctor that take time with his patients and goes into detail of what needs to get done! But before you see him I had the ultimate pleasure of dealing with his P.A. Sharon Ross she is also great and both with a heart of gold!
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Jan 28, 2014 by Luis S.

We are so happy we choose Martin Yamzon. He addressed all our concerns. He's so gracious and kind. We will enjoy seeing him again we will recommend him to everyone. Thank you!
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Jan 23, 2014 by Leisl B.

They are very compassionate and professional. the staff is very nice! Inspite of Dr. Cyrs credentials he does not see anyone w/tricare. the clinic waiting room is amazing, my experience is good enough to want all my medications met at this clinic!
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Jan 21, 2014 by Michelle W.

Dr. Fieldland and his staff have been exceptional. I've been suffering since 2009 and after a long search and many doctors I'm finally on the mend. I used to take so many pain medicines but after my procedures I'm down to 1. The staff here really cares and always are professional no matter how many times I call.
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Very Nice & Professional Staff

Jan 14, 2014 by Matthew R.

I've never met so many nice & professional staff members in one locations! Keep up your medical professional attitude! Best staff by far!
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Friendly and Courteous Service

Jan 12, 2014 by Diana L.

Office staff was most courteous and friendly. I was treated with much patience and in a very professional manner.
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Great Service

Jan 09, 2014 by Laurie S

Excellent Service, Excellent staff, Excellent Doctors, and would definitely recommend this facility to everyone!
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Jan 09, 2014 by Sylvia P.

Great experience from start to finish. Everyone from office staff to doctor were very professional and I would definitely recommend.
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Spinal Stenosis

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  • Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal. It occurs when the channels that your spinal cord and nerve roots travel through become narrower resulting in compression (squeezing) of your spinal cord and/or nerve roots. ” It can lead to pain in your lower back, legs, neck, arms, or hands depending on where in your spine the spinal cord and/or nerves are getting squeezed. It occurs most commonly in your low back (lumbar spine) or in your neck (cervical spine). In the lower back, it’s called lumbar spinal stenosis. In the neck, it is termed cervical spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is quite common because arthritic changes in the spine—like this narrowing—are a natural part of growing older. At times symptoms are non-existant or mild requiring no treatment. However, in some patients, persistent pain may require physical therapy, medications, injections, or even surgery to decompress the nerves if conservative measures fail.

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