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Spine Care by SASpine

Access to alternative therapies is critical, we need to achieve access

By November 10, 2019April 8th, 2024No Comments
alternative therapies

When selecting a spine center, it’s important to choose a medical group that is comprehensive and offers cutting-edge surgical techniques and alternative therapies. Not everyone will need spine surgery to improve their pain and function, and having access to alternative therapies is critical.

“As technology advances, patients are demanding less invasive options… there are also other non-surgical procedures we can explore at SASpine, including the implantation of an intrathecal morphine pump – a device that delivers small doses of medications like morphine through a catheter into the spinal canal or a spinal cord stimulator, which is like a pacemaker for the spine. Some of these procedures are life-changing, patients who were in pain one day, can go back to work and spend time with their family.” ~ Dr. Michael McKee, Pain Management Physician