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Spine Care

Houston vs San Antonio?

By December 5, 2019October 13th, 2021No Comments
[UPDATE] “A lot of people ask me about SASPINE’s (Surgical Associates in Spine) expansion into the Houston market from San Antonio. First of all, San Antonio will always be our home – The idea was never to leave San Antonio, but to expand, like many businesses, into another market. It’s been almost a year in Houston and I can honestly say the decision has been a fantastic one on so many levels both professionally and personally. We are thankful for the medical community in Houston who have welcomed Dr Cyr and his team all over the city, and of course the flexibility of our staff at our corporate headquarters in San Antonio for making it all work seamlessly as SASPINE provides the very best patient care in both San Antonio and Houston.” ~Leann Cyr, CEO & Founder of SASpine