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Spine Care by SASpine

Individualized and Comprehensive Care

By August 9, 2020January 10th, 2024No Comments
Individualized and Comprehensive Care

Nearly 1,500 people with spine conditions turn to #SASpine each year. They benefit from the clinic’s:

•Individualized care: If you come to the clinic for spine care, you’ll receive a diagnosis and be treated by a multidisciplinary team of doctors and health care professionals who provide individualized care.

•Comprehensive care: Having all this expertise in a single place, focused on you, means that you’re not just getting one opinion. Your care is discussed among each of the spine-focused professionals to derive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Each patient is evaluated thoroughly with an individualized treatment plan based on a wide range of test results and examination findings. We provide most of the services necessary in one location so you aren’t forced to travel excessively to obtain the necessary procedures and tests. There’s a reason SASpine has been named the #1 Orthopaedic spine practice in Texas. Come see for yourself what sets us apart and Get Your Life BACK!