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Nursing Graduation Ceremony

By December 22, 2019October 13th, 2021No Comments
nursing graduation ceremony

Today was an awesome reminder of God‘s providence! My sweet, sweet patient, Amy Gagnon, requested my presence to pin her for her nursing graduation ceremony. Several years ago, Amy came to me broken, hurting, and angry at all doctors, especially surgeons. She had multiple failed surgeries and literally had broken rods and screws moving around in her spine causing debilitating pain and damaged nerves leaving her with a foot drop. When I saw her she literally attacked me verbally. She accused me of being just like other surgeons, “you just wanna cut“. I actually hesitated to take care of her. I was a little nervous about the potential harm I may cause myself in attempting to help someone so broken. But God spoke to me that day and encouraged me to take on the challenge as I have on many many occasions. I feel like my purpose in life is to help people like Amy. It creates a stressful life, one filled with the fear that my efforts may not be good enough. But I trust in God and I know that he has brought me through many trials of my own in my life. Amy’s surgery was a resounding success. Not only did her foot drop recover and her back pain resolve, but she was so encouraged by her experience as a patient, that she decided to join us in the healthcare profession as a nurse. My close friend, first assistant, and nurse practitioner, Eloy Castaneda, repeatedly encouraged her to enter a career in nursing. After prodding her on multiple occasions, she gave in and began taking classes towards her nursing degree. She began by volunteering at the hospital while she enrolled in nursing courses. She worked tirelessly, using a cane to assist her walking as her leg and ankle strength improved as a result of the surgery. Today those efforts culminated in an amazing celebration of perseverance and dedication. I could not be prouder of what Amy Gagnon has accomplished! It made me reflect on all of us who suffer trials throughout our lives having a difficult time understanding why terrible things happen to good people. I have studied this relentlessly and experienced it personally. I understand God does not create trials in our lives nor put us through these terrible experiences, but I do believe those of us that are faithful, perseverant, diligent, thankful, and prayerful will eventually see Victory when God turns our trials into triumphs. God bless Eloy. He passed away before he could see the fruit of his encouragement, a unique gift Eloy possessed more than most. God bless Amy and her husband for trusting me to try one last time to give her the hope of the life that she deserved. And, of course above all else, thanks to God who brought her through a terrible experience, honing her character, enhancing her faith, and strengthening her with patience and compassion that personal experience as a patient arms you with. It will ensure she is the compassionate and caring nurse that every patient deserves. If you are suffering, do not lose hope. God will bring you through every trial. I truly believe that. Remain thankful, prayerful, and perseverant. Victory is around the corner If you trust in God! ~Dr Cyr