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Pre-Order: OsteoCorps Kids Vitamins

By April 26, 2024May 15th, 2024No Comments

Finally, they are here‼️ CYRx MD Nutrition presents OsteoCorps’ kids’ vitamins – available for pre-order right here!

These vitamins are based on the educational STEM comic book series that Dr Steven Cyr developed, OsteoCorps! He specifically chose the series of vitamins based on the vitamins that he knows are important for his children’s healthy development. These are vitamins he has consistently tried to ensure that his kids get in their daily diets.

“It’s almost impossible to get kids to eat a diet balance enough to provide all the necessary nutrition. Between picky eaters and limited time, supplements can help fill in those gaps.” ~Dr Cyr

We are rolling out:

✅Cobalt Chrome’s Gummy Bear Multivitamin + minerals
✅Fusion’s Gummy Vitamin D3
✅Capt Osteon’s Omega 3-6-9
✅AnaSthesia’s Melatonin Gummies
✅AntiOxidant’s Vitamin C

Also, if you buy all five, you will receive a free comic book and backpack!

Begin the Battle Within with the OsteoCorps today! 💪🏽