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Testimonial: Daniela Herrera Ortiz

By February 13, 2021 No Comments

#TestimonialTuesday Tomorrow will mark the 4wk mark in my post-op recovery. I am able to be home by myself now, I don’t require as much assistance as I did when I first got home. I am extremely bored while my family is all at school and work though. Anybody who knows me knows that I never just sit still. I always have something, or 10 somethings I’m working on at any given time, so what do I do now that I’m limited to lifting 5lbs, I get tired so easily and there is still a bit of post-op pain, not too much, just a smidge. (That is a word, right?😉) I am now at a point where I’m pretending to be @baileysarian and talk to myself in the mirror rather than a camera while putting on a full face of makeup. I’m nowhere near as talented and my conversations with myself ( I swear I’m not crazy, lol🤣) are nowhere near as interesting, but I do feel good when I look put together, well my face at least, because honestly, I’ve worn nothing but pajamas for the past month. I will say this though, when I have these convos in my head (ok, sometimes they’re out loud, my dog listens) I imagine being able to take my experiences from all the way back to childhood to now and motivate, inspire and build up others. I always feel like my medical issues aren’t nearly as severe as so many others, I am not one to think much of the restrictions I’ve had or the trauma that I endured as a child, I never even thought of it as being as serious as it actually is. Idk, these are just some random thoughts. I am, however, incredibly thankful for the top surgeons who have worked on my spine. Dr. Denis who was at the Minnesota spine center and Dr. Cyr at #SASpine have both given me my life back and improved my quality of life in ways that I can’t even describe adequately. So to anybody who has read this entire rambling post, thank you for letting me ramble, lol😉♥️🤣 #postoprecovery ~Daniela Herrera Ortiz

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