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Happy New Year 2021!

By January 3, 2021June 2nd, 2022No Comments
LeAnn Cyr - Happy New Year 2021

Despite a difficult year for everyone, we managed and kept pressing on. I wanted to focus on some positive things we accomplished instead of persevering on the negatives of 2020! 🎉🙏

✅ I officially launched Le CYR Consulting, a “college to career” consulting company
✅ We launched CYRx MD Nutrition, a sister line to CYRx MD Skincare to complete our wellness line
✅ We grew our Skincare sales exponentially and consistently, garnering many repeat customers, which speaks to the effectiveness of our products
✅ We’ve laid the groundwork for the 3rd prong of the CYRx MD triad, which is forthcoming in Q1 2021 and will bring everything together in a very meaningful way
✅ We collected over 400 pairs of shoes for the homeless with the help of Caden’s school
✅ We moved our firstborn, Alexa, into college at UCLA. She also got all A’s her first semester.
✅ We kept everyone gainfully employed at SASpine with health benefits; managing to survive with no layoffs, cutbacks, etc
✅ I learned more about our Constitution than I ever cared to know
✅ We took our first family 18-hour road trip and didn’t kill each other
✅ Colton finally grew out of his glasses and is wearing contacts. He also got all A’s his first semester in 4th grade
✅ We grew our Houston SASpine presence significantly and Steve’s time is now more evenly distributed between SA and Houston
✅ Caden opened a stock account and learned to buy/sell stocks from home during the quarantine
✅ Ava grew cuter and started cheerleading
✅ Alexa has gotten several gigs as a paid model in LA, including a stint with an exclusive Fila distributor
✅ We welcomed the kids’ first two cousins to the family, Theron and Reign; cutest babies ever!!
✅ We celebrated 21 years of wedded bliss

Looking forward to 2021 and all the craziness it has in store for us! 🙏🎉