Spine Care

Lumbar Discs Removal

By July 11, 2021 110 Comments

First picture: When Dr Cyr removes the lumbar discs to fuse them, he removes them completely. Noticed the near-complete disc removal of these two discs side-by-side (2nd picture: the lumbar discs are removed completely, leaving no remnants of the disc to cause pain).

The first disc is torn internally but the second disc is torn more significantly with brown discoloration from deposits of old blood secondary to tears and bleeding within the disc. These ruptured discs were a source of severe pain for the patient being treated and without adequately removing this tissue, even a solid fusion would fail to relieve the pain.

Many times surgery heals with a bony connection but pain persists. There are many reasons people have spine surgery and have continued pain. One of the many reasons includes a failure to adequately remove the sensitized and painful disc completely. ~Dr Cyr #SASpine


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