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OrthoSculpt Training Announces Details of First Course

By July 26, 2023May 15th, 2024No Comments
OrthoSculpt Training

Via Yahoo Finance — CYRxMD Cosmetic Surgery and the SASPINE Institute announced in May that they would launch a one-week training and certification program on OrthoSculpt, a high-definition liposculpture for the face, body, and extremities. Dr. Steven Cyr, a dual fellowship–trained orthopedic and cosmetic surgeon, is pleased to share that the first course will be held from October 16 to 20, 2023. The training will be conducted at the SASpine Institute in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Steven Cyr – OrthoSculpt Training, Houston TX

It is difficult for busy surgeons to complete a fellowship in cosmetic surgery, hence, Dr. Cyr developed the OrthoSculpt™ Training and Certification Program. During this one-week course, participants will learn everything about the revolutionary trademarked technique OrthoSculpt.

The course will be conducted using clinical and surgical training, focusing on vital musculoskeletal anatomy and high-definition liposculpture techniques of the face, extremities, and torso to enhance a patient’s anatomy. The goal is to train participants to perform these procedures safely and with anatomic precision and accuracy. The training includes:

◾ Licensed agreement for OrthoSculpt by CYRx MD
◾ Use of registered trademarks and artwork for marketing
◾ Certificate of completion by SASpine Institute
◾ Eligibility of recertification after 3 years
◾ One mid-level training provided free of cost for non-invasive procedures such as botox and fillers, along with administrative training for workups, pre-op, post-op, billing, and collection
◾Lunch at the venue during the training days

Read the rest of the press release right here.