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Testimonial: ALo Canis

By April 4, 2021June 2nd, 2022No Comments
ALo Canis

Tomorrow is 6 months since back surgery to replace 4 discs, place 2 rods and 10 screws to straighten my back and stop the nerve pain always running down my legs.

Oct 2, I woke up from a 9-hour surgery and can say the pain was gone….the past 6 months have been humbling, to say the least, and the healing process slow but intentional to make sure everything fused correctly.

Today I got word my scans look good, fusion is good and I can start physical therapy now to regain strength, flexibility, and function!!!

All Glory to God for Dr. Steven Cyr 🙏 the best of the best in my opinion……All I gotta do is my part and take my time healing and getting stronger!

Thank you to my family for taking care of me in the process. ~ALo Canis