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Testimonial: Jennifer Case Harrell

By March 7, 2021 March 8th, 2021 No Comments

It’s been 100 days since my surgery and I’m FINALLY out of my brace. Brace weaning over the past couple of weeks was harder than I thought because my muscles are so weak and it’s hard to find a comfortable way to sleep without the support of my brace. I am working hard and walking daily to rebuild my stamina. One thing’s for sure, I’m glad I made sure to take pictures along the way so I wouldn’t forget how far I’ve come. I couldn’t have done it without My Cowboy, Josie and my amazing surgeon Dr. Steven Cyr. Thanks so much, Dr. Cyr for using the gift God gave you to make my crooked places straight! Thanks to everyone who has kept our family in their prayers!! ~Jennifer Case Harrell