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Testimonial: Maria Isabel

By June 14, 2020 No Comments

“This is the second time that I’ve seen my new PCM here in Georgia, and he is still freaked out that I had a cervical fusion. He is amazed at how much movement I have from having a C3-T1 fusion. My PCM is still in awe of how well I’m doing considering that’s a pretty big surgery. It’s like I told my PCM, when you have the best spine surgeon in the world 🌎 Dr. Steven Cyr and the best physical therapist Marcus Wayne Trejo and a whole team that stands behind them, you have a much better outcome. I can never thank them enough for helping me to get where I am today, I get to enjoy my life with no restrictions and enjoy my children. I get to run after them and hold them and enjoy the best things in life pain-free.” ~Maria Isabel Paniagua-Cortez

“So happy for you Maria!! Thank you and thanks to God for your outcome!” ~Dr Cyr

“Thank you. Best of health and happiness to you and those beautiful kids.” ~Marcus Trejo

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