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Thank You, Brent Eaton!

By August 14, 2022May 15th, 2024No Comments
Brent Eaton

For the last four years, Brent Eaton has been my right-hand man in the operating room. Brent Eaton is a phenomenal person and a phenomenal nurse practitioner. His 20 years of experience in the operating room helping spine surgeons and orthopedic surgeons have proven invaluable to the patient care that we have been able to deliver as we built our practice in Houston.

Without Brent‘s help, I certainly would not have become as busy nor as successful as quickly. Moreover, Brent has one of the most amazing bedside manners and personalities of any medical provider I have ever met. Brent is an extremely hard-working guy and an even more likable human being. I wish him the very best that life has to offer with his upcoming venture into full-time cosmetics, his baby, and marriage.

For anyone looking for an amazing nurse injector, especially in the Sugarland area, reach out to Brent on social media. He does an amazing job and you will love him and everything he does for you. Best of luck Brent. Thank you for your friendship and four years of your amazing service to our patients! ~Dr. Steven Cyr