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Spine Care

Update From Our CEO

By December 8, 2019October 13th, 2021No Comments

SASpine update from our CEO & Founder, Leann Cyr: To say that 2018 was rough would be an understatement. We had difficulties that I never thought were possible, although all companies go through times of trials and tribulations, this I do understand. As is the life of many business owners and those born with that #entrepreneurial spirit. The “business” of medicine can be difficult due to its highly litigious (and regulated) nature, coupled with the notion that the field of medicine should be altruistic and not industrious, as if the two are mutually exclusive and can not possibly co-exist.

That said, there are many things that have gotten us through the rough patches. There’s the standard pat answers such as: hard work, determination and…good old fashioned…stubbornness, but if I had to pin-point one salient factor, it would be “consistency.” Pure, simple, unadulterated… #consistency.

Throughout the years, regardless of any obstacles that we’ve endured, Dr Steven Cyr, @cyrious.surgical, as well as our other providers in the practice, have treated patients with the utmost care and respect, following techniques and algorithms learned from top-notch institutions such as the #MayoClinic. For his part, Dr Cyr has consistently treated his patients the same since the day he left Mayo after completing his #SpineFellowship. A quick google search will yield hundreds, if not thousands, of glowing reviews, accolades and awards that speak to my point. Our providers, mid-levels and staff are taught that “we see people, not patients.”

Every person has a story, something they have had to “give up” or “get through” because of the accommodations their back pain has forced them to make in their lives. They all want their pain to go away, but first and foremost, more than anything, they want to be clearly and consistently heard. In my opinion, listening well is one of the key factors to Dr Cyr’s success. He is a consistently great listener, on top of being a consistently outstanding surgeon.