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Better as a Community

By April 19, 2020June 7th, 2022No Comments
Better as a Community

Even with the tragic news and loss of precious life that we face each day, I can’t help but to remain hopeful and notice the many heroes in our midst. Capeless heroes such as police officers, grocery workers, truck drivers, delivery drivers, and many others, most of whom we overlooked until the crisis. But perhaps most important on the list of heroes are the medical professionals who are assisting affected patients while risking their own lives as well as furiously working to find ways to alleviate this crisis. I am so proud of my medical colleagues fighting ferociously and tirelessly to save every precious life. It reminds me of my deployments to Iraq when, in the midst of turmoil, our healthcare heroes banded together for the same common purpose: to save EVERY life. I have no doubt that we will find our way out of this, and like all crises, we will be stronger for it.

Right now, there is no question that this is a world-changing event but we are a nation of warriors, resilient and brave people from many walks of life, who make up the most diverse and resourceful country in the world. Together we are stronger and the light is coming. As we celebrate New Beginnings during Easter, let us remember those who sacrificed themselves for others, not just during a crisis, but always! When we prevail; and we WILL prevail, I believe that we’ll be better as a community and closer as a nation because of it. ~Dr Cyr