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Elizabeth Knight on Telemedicine

By April 12, 2020June 7th, 2022No Comments
Elizabeth Knight on Telemedicine

As COVID-19 continues to upend life as most people know it, Elizabeth Knight, Practice Administrator at #SASpine, found herself in a new health care world. In this new world, there was a pressing need to make room for ways to see patients without having them come to a clinic. Telemedicine virtual appointments offered an answer.

“The need to use video appointments happened so fast,” Ms. Knight says. “I knew about video appointments but never used them before. But within a few days, I had trained the entire staff and we began using video appointments to see our patients.”

Ms. Knight acknowledges that the current use of video appointments serves a big role in public health and says they will continue to be an asset in the future. One drawback is not having access to a patient’s vital signs, but that can be overcome, she says.

“The more people use video appointments, the more comfortable they’ll become with the technology and the interactions with patients,” she says.

Call SASpine to set up your appointment via TeleMedicine Video or to confirm your in-office appointment, or contact us at appointments@saspine.com