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Giving Thanks During Thanksgiving!

By November 28, 2020June 3rd, 2022No Comments

A word from our #SASpine CMO, Dr. Steven Cyr:

In these trying times, it’s important to remember to give thanks to God for the life we live. Throughout my life, I have faced many trials, endured many attacks, and battled my share of adversity. Through it all, my faith has never waned and my deliverance has always followed. Life can be a struggle, even one filled with blessings. So, whenever you feel the weight of this sinful world, remember to stay resilient and hopeful in prayer. The light always overcomes the darkness.

Today, I want to especially thank the Lord for my wife, LeAnn Cyr, a true warrior for life and truth. I am thankful for my children, Alexa, Caden, Colton, and Ava. Lord knows how they bring energy and light to my world! I am thankful for Ashley Rocha, who we love like a daughter and her new little blessing, Reign! I am grateful for my mother, Maria Luz Centenera-Cyr, a beautiful example of love and faithfulness. I am thankful for my in-laws, Carol Bergerud and Jack Bergerud, for loving me and my children, and raising my soulmate. I am grateful for my brothers, Michael Cyr and Bryan Cyr and my new nephew, Theron. I am grateful for my sisters-in-law, Lily Cyr, and Crystal Lynn Bergerud for loving my brother and brother-in-law, John Bergerud, one of the purest and most kind people I know. I am grateful for my few, close friends who have supported me through some tough times and never wavered, Roderick Batson and Glenn Flojo. I am thankful for their beautiful wives, Christina Scheet Batson and Mylene De Guzman Flojo, for making them better men and giving them beautiful, loving children. I am grateful to Tammy Moore and Scott Moore, the sweetest people I know. I am thankful for my brother in Christ, Nico LaHood and his beautiful wife, Davida LaHood, for always being there for us! I am grateful for my family in the Philippines and Spain for reminding me where I came from and their loving hearts. I am thankful for Anita and Jerry Caballero who go out of their way to help us with a million different things and make everything beautiful! I am thankful for Mark and Heather Magarian, for always making the extra effort to show their true friendship.

I am thankful to everyone who helps me take care of the many patients God has sent my way, to give them hope for a new life, free of pain- my entire squad of PAs (Paul Chen. Mary Vuong, Ryan Flores) and an amazing nurse practitioner I have the privilege of working with, Brent Eaton. I am thankful for our practice administrator, Liz Knight and Laura Garza, our clinic supervisor, and the entire SASPINE staff for keeping the practice running smoothly. I am thankful for my OR team (Brian, Nuno, Reggie, Glenn, and John Wesley) for making sure our patients have the best equipment for a successful surgery. I am thankful for Bert Brown, my long-time anesthesiologist and friend and the amazing anesthesiology team at First Colony, for really making sure my patients are safe during surgery. I am thankful for my circulating nurses, Cheri, Azmita, Amy, Cassie, and Becca who work hard to make sure our patients have what they need in surgery. I am thankful to everyone at North Central Baptist and First Colony hospitals, especially Dan Smith and Jamie Pirkle, for bending over backward to make sure our patients have the BEST experience in surgery. I am thankful for my patients who have trusted me with their health. I also cannot go without a word of gratitude for the kindness and guidance of Wilbur Hah and Marian Chen-Hah! I have so many things to be thankful for and too many people to even mention, not to mention my health and this amazing country I call home! My love to everyone in my life and my Thanks to Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, THE truth, and the promise of eternal life! I pray you all have a blessed and prosperous year! Happy Thanksgiving!