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Happy Easter! 2022

By April 17, 2022November 8th, 2022No Comments
Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Today is the most important day for Christians. It marks the day that Jesus rose from the dead, providing irrefutable evidence that he was the son of God. Without today, the argument could be made that Jesus was merely one of the “best people to have ever lived”, a well-loved and influential rabbi. However, not only did Jesus appear to his disciples, but also there are eyewitness accounts of over 500 people seeing the risen Christ after his death. Despite persecution and torturous deaths, not one of his disciples recanted their stories of his resurrection.

To this day, Easter is recognized as proof of our savior being more than a man. For those of us who believe, today is proof of our faith. For those of you who suffer alongside us in this challenging and sinful world, it is not too late. Do your own research to find the truth and the path to Paradise and everlasting life. God Bless you all! Happy Easter! He is risen! ~Dr Cyr